Our Clients

Here is what some of our clients had to say about their experiences

hunting with Pelser Bowhunting Adventures.

 - Greg & Carley Almond -

"Carley and I enjoyed every minute of the hunt, the numbers of animals seen, and the great hospitality.

I would recommended this ranch to all and can tell you we look forward to returning as soon as possible.

Thanks again for the memory and your attention to details. Friends always."

 - Greg Duncan -

"My hunt with Pelser Bowhunting Adventures was a wonderful experience. From pick up to departure, every

aspect of the hunt was professional. Every accommodation request was met. Animal quality and quantity was exceptional. Willie and Corey did a great job with stand placement to increase the odds of taking the desired species. The tracker great with finding and recovery taken game. Janice is a top notch cook and always provide excellent meals with wide variety of choices. Overall a great memorable experience.

Thanks for allowing me to hunt with you."

 - Scott Smith -

"I had a great time with Pelser Bowhunting Adventures! The animals on the property are top-notch

and I was impressed with the quality of the blinds and their comfort.

I am impressed with Willie's attention to detail in setting up the blinds and shooting situation.

I will be back again soon for more adventure."

 - John Hagler -

"We had a great time. It was an awesome hunt with terrific food.

We love Africa and we love Pelser Bowhunting."

 - Ron Spees -

"I hunted with Pelser Bowhunting Adventures in August 2017 for a ten day hunt. I was met at the airport and traveled to the lodge. Everyone there was most accommodating and helpful. Everyday I saw animals. I had successful shots on three quality animals, of which I am proud of and will bring back happy memories of my hunt. This was my first trip to South Africa and I am very happy I chose to hunt with Pelser Bowhunting Adventures. If I make it back to Africa I will hunt with Pelser again."

 - Dick Davis -

"This is my 3rd bowhunt in Africa and my most enjoyable hunt. My only disappointment was I did not get a chance to shoot a Gemsbuck. The accommodation and the food were exceptional. I really enjoyed

eating the various species of wild game and the family recipes of preparing the food.

I am taking back some fine trophies and many fond memories of this hunt.

Thank you Wille & Janice."

 - Justin & Julie Bliss -

"As always you are fantastic host's! we had a terrific experience with you.

We love coming here, you have created such a wonderful place here.

Julie and I value your friendship. Thank you so much."

 - Jimmy Madsen  -

"I could subsist only on Janice's cake cream.

Broadheads will always be the cause for success, failure and debate.

When someone is 10 years older than you, you call them uncle.

Hot showers feel nicer than cold ones.

Never ever forget your radio.

Afrikaans is easier to speak than English and "donkey" means thank you.

Willie learned to be a better tracker in October of 2016, he call it the "western way".

The only way a person can quit smoking is by faith.

Snakes aren't allowed past the gate at Pelser Bowhunting Adventures.

A handshake from Nico or Willie on a track is the best feeling ever.

Ass gasket = pillow.

A baboon can live through a scalping.

A baboon can see into your soul.

Nico has the gift of discernment.

Thank you Pelsers!!!"

 - Jarod & Kimberly Wallace -

"Thanks for the magical week of bowhunting in South Africa.

My wife and I had a wonderful time. She was able to take a Sable of a lifetime.

We've enjoyed getting to know new friends. Janice is a jewel so hang on to her.


 - Robert Williams -

"First time to Africa. Highs and Lows.

Learned a lot of new things. Pelser Bowhunting was real hunting. Quality animals.

Hard working family with honesty and integrity. Look forward to coming back."

 - ED en Jeanie Brewers -

"We are so grateful for a great host. They are friendly and of a good spirit.

We appreciate comfortable housing, great food, atmosphere and feel of a real adventure.

The hunting conditions are excellent. The blinds well set and designed. If the animals cooperate we have

 the edge to take a quality animal. My wife enjoyed herself as well, mostly at the pool and visiting the local

shops. I am leaving here with great memories and an adventure to share at home. We tasted some of the

African game and it was all well prepared. Save room for dessert. Loved my stay and can't wait to return."

 - The Eyre Family -

"What a wonderful experience we have had at Pelser Bowhunting. We have experienced a great adventure with excellent PH's. We even think Janice has an ability to be a PH, as she found us an incredible valley with Giraffe, Kudu and Cape Buffalo. Thank you for a great experience with incredible cuisine."

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