Travel Requirements

Medical Precautions

This is an important aspect that needs to be considered as part of your safari planning. South Africa has well developed private medical facilities that are on a par with the best in the world. Contrary to popular belief by coming to South Africa you will not be at the mercy of nature or witch doctors. In the areas where you will be on safari fine doctors and well appointed medical facilities as well as air evacuation are readily available.


All clients are advised please to check with their personal physician for tropical disease precautions prior to departure. Precautions need to be taken before you commence your safari for malaria. While most of our camps are located in a malaria free zone, “ prevention is better than cure” and precautions should be taken prior to your departure. Snakes and snakebite should not be a problem in South Africa during April to August because this is our winter season and snakes go into hibernation. Should you require snakebite serum we have a fully equipped medical kit and experienced staff to assist where necessary.


Clients suffering from a coronary or any other potentially life-threatening diseases (diabetes etc) must inform Pelser Bowhunting Adventures before commencing the safari. Pelser Bowhuting Adventures will take reasonable steps to assist you whilst on safari but accepts no liability in this regard whatsoever. Please check with your physician or medical clinic prior to departure. Should your circumstances warrant it please ensure you bring along pertinent medical records.


Due to the nature and dangers associated with hunting, despite careful planning, guidance and safety precautions, accidents do occur and it is advisable to take out medical insurance when coming on safari.

What to pack for your Safari:

  • Warm Hunting Jacket For cool evenings.
  • Light Jacket For early morning.
  • 3x Trousers.
  • 3x Long sleeve shirts.
  • 3x Short sleeve shirts.
  • 3x Shorts.
  • Underwear Sufficient for duration of stay.
  • Socks Comfortable to walk with.
  • Hunting Boots Worn in – not new.
  • Light Shoes for use in hunting.
  • Video & camera equipment Enough batteries & film.
  • Binoculars Good pair essential.
  • Medication Dr prescription to accompany.
  • Toiletries as per personal requirement.
  • Sunscreen This is Africa-max SPF.
  • Insect repellent.
  • First Aid Kit As per personal requirement.
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